Our Vision

 By: Vicki Lewis, Marketing Coordinator

Flashlights have been designed to have a dual functionality.  The wider beam helps you view at a distance where you are going and what obstacles to anticipate.  The narrow beam aids you to focus on the individual steps that will be taken to reach your destination.  Organizational vision statements also have a dual function to put your destination out in front of you and to shed light on what your organization needs to do along the journey. 

As the overall population of the United States and more importantly Monongalia County changes, Senior Monongalians continually evaluates and repositions itself to serve the needs of the older adult population.  Each day the number of county residents that are aged 60 increases.  At this point in life, many people find it necessary to plan for current or upcoming changes to their lifestyles or to the lifestyles of their parents/family members.

 The home delivered meals, telephone reassurance, lighthouse, and community care programs assist seniors to maintain an independent and more desirable quality of life in their homes.  Our nutrition, wellness, educational, and volunteer opportunities enable baby boomers and seniors to remain a vital force in their community.  Recreational programs bring a smile to the face and imbue a happy feeling in the heart.

 Showing respect and granting dignity to those we serve is of the utmost importance to the staff and volunteers of Senior Monongalians.   

 Our vision continues to expand and evolve as the needs of the older adult population changes.  Yesterday, today, and tomorrow, Senior Monongalians continues to be the “senior center of the future!”


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