Clarification on Perceived Telephone Scam

posted Oct 18, 2017, 6:34 AM by Senior Monongalians
The following is a partial email forwarded to Senior Monongalians from the
Commissioner of Senior Services.

Your inquiry about a telephone survey with seniors made its way to me because I oversee the National Survey of Older Americans Act Participants for AoA/ACL.

And the answer is “Yes,” a survey is being done for AoA/ACL by our contractor Westat.  The project director confirmed that calls from the interviewers show up as coming from the number 301-217-0070 on Caller ID, and this is associated with Brandywine, MD.  Those being called should have received a letter notifying them that a call was coming. The letter noted “West Virginia Bureau of Senior Services” and not a AAA or local provider name.


We are most thankful for the support of the States, the AAAs, local providers, and clients who play an important role in helping us understand the experience of those who receive services through the Older Americans Act.